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Retirement Auction Sunday October 21st at 11:00am in Lane County

Address: 29821 Jeans Rd, Veneta, OR 97487


Partial list:

Jet floor mod. Drill press * DeWalt 10" table saw * Luxtrol incandescent lighting control * 13" Delta wood/metal band saw * Tormac grinder with tools and stand * Delta wood lathe * Antique letter press * John Deere 2305 with 200X front loader * Land Pride 3 pt. reverse 5ft tiller * Paint-Pro airless paint sprayer * Big Hand 10" diamond jewelry saw * Craftsman 6inch joiner * Powermatic planer * Penn State dust collector * Craftsman 10" table saw * Stihl 034 chail saw * New LARGE BEAMS lumber * Lots of firewood * Yard Man riding mower * 4ft x 6ft Agra-Fab all steel trailer * 5 foot 3 point blade * 2002 Dodge 2500 self contained pop top camper van * Very nice 15ft Old Town canoe * Floor mod. disk/sander * Dremel 10" band saw * 10 gal. 6.5 hp Ultra Pro Shop Vac * Dozens of pipe wrenches * Ornate carved glass front bookcase * 100s 0f assorted hand tools * Corded and cordless drills, saws * Table grinders & etc. * Many beautiful antique items * Barrister 5 section oak bookcase * Antique Clocks including a (non electric time clock) * Dressers * Large Oak Armoire * Large cast iron Cauldron * Oak wash stand W/carved handles * 1800s hand made furniture items * 100s of yard tools * lots of Primitives and Glassware * Galvanized driveway culverts * Many assorted ladders * Various lots of lumber ( Oak, Walnut and assorted rare wood). We could not get more pictures and listing because the shops were so full!!! Don't miss this one!!!!!

Preview photos:

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